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Boy or Girl?



This worksheet will help little ones to learn the daily use of gender pronouns correctly. They will get an idea of using the pronouns ‘He’ and ‘She’. ‘He’ is used when we talk about a ‘Boy’ and ‘She’ is used when we talk about a ‘Girl’.

Steps to do the worksheet:

  • Explain your child the usage of gender pronouns using sentences.


Sam is a ‘BOY’. ‘HE’ is eating food.

Mary is a ‘GIRL’. ‘SHE’ is playing.

  • Now, show the worksheet and point at the first image.
  • Ask your child if she/he is a boy or girl.
  • Now ask her/him to colour all the girls if she is a girl and vice-versa.
  • Tell her “We use ‘SHE’ when we talk about girl” and vice-versa.
  • Help her/him trace the word below the images.

What My Child Will Learn?

  • The basic usage of She/he while speaking.

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